When you’ve had valuable digital
assets lost or stolen
You need skilled professionals to
recover what’s yours
A team with specialised skills
and legal expertise
We’ll locate and recover your property
quickly and discreetly

We are the digital
recovery experts

When you’ve had valuable digital assets lost or stolen, you need more than just an empty report on what’s missing. You need dedicated recovery experts who will help you to navigate the complex world of the Blockchain at every step of the way. At Token Recovery, we have the specialised skills, legal expertise and comprehensive end-to-end process you need to recover your property, simply, quickly and discretely.

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How we recover your assets...

  1. Get the ball rolling

    To start, we just need a couple of details about your assets.

  2. Build the big picture

    We will evaluate your case and build a roadmap to recovery.

  3. Tracing & legal validation

    We will trace your assets and obtain necessary legal titles.

  4. Recover your assets

    We will enforce the obtained legal titles and return your assets.

Who we work for...

  • Everyone

    Businesses and individuals

    When a digital asset belonging to a private person or business organization is lost or stolen, we work to ensure they recover all their lost assets in a prompt, professional and discrete manner. We’re here to give you peace of mind when things go wrong.

  • Crypto-assets service providers

    Crypto wallets and exchanges

    Whether you are a broker, on-ramp provider, exchange or custody provider, you may lose access to your digital assets or they may be stolen (e.g. through a hack). The good news is, we can help you to recover your lost assets and save your reputation.

  • Court proceedings

    Private legal professionals

    When a digital asset needs to be recovered as part of a legal proceeding, we work with relevant legal professionals and help them by providing our services and sharing expertise in the area of digital asset recovery. We are a team of renowned experts in the field, who can help your client to regain control over its lost/stolen digital assets.

  • Criminal investigations

    Law enforcement agencies

    We are a team of experts who when a digital asset requires recovery as part of a criminal investigation, work with law enforcement agencies to ensure that all illegally owned or stolen assets are recovered for their owners.


Start your recovery now...

Provide us with as many details as possible, the more information we have, the quicker we can begin and the higher the chance of successfully completing the recovery of your assets.

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