Need to recover your lost or stolen digital assets?

Token Recovery is an end-to-end solution that can help you recover all digital assets such as BSV and BTC.

If you are the victim of a hack, scam, or ransomware, or have lost your private key, we can help you get back what belongs to you. The sooner you contact us after the theft or loss of your coins, the more likely the recovery.

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Provide your email address and information on how your digital assets were lost or stolen.

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Token recovery will require sufficient evidence to assess your claim, including evidence of loss and evidence of ownership.



Token Recovery, an Ayre Group company, offers an end-to-end solution to assist in the recovery of all lost or stolen digital assets such as Bitcoin. The solution, which encompasses technical, legal, financial and investigative expertise, in conjunction with financial backing and litigation funding, aims to do more than recover digital assets, it aims to increase the retail, institutional and enterprise adoption of blockchain structures and digital assets by fostering confidence in these powerful systems.


As digital assets remain attractive for illicit activity, one of the goals of Token Recovery is to encourage victims of stolen digital assets to come forward as, if victims come forward quickly enough, Token Recovery professionals and partners may be able to track funds to exchanges and other compliant venues to recover assets.


In addition to traditional tracing and recovery mechanisms, given existing models in digital asset systems guard those exercising power from accountability, Token Recovery has developed legal and technical strategies (via changes in Bitcoin software) to assist in the recovery of digital assets that have become inaccessible, for example, due to the loss of private keys, theft or other crime. Token Recovery’s unique strategies are based on the Bitcoin white paper, which discusses ownership, not possession, and these strategies are designed to work within the original design of Bitcoin. This leads to the fundamental thesis that there is nothing about blockchain infrastructure, Bitcoin or any other digital assets that takes these structures and assets outside the scope of the law regarding ownership. For these systems to develop at scale, legal ownership must be recognized as intended. Token Recovery’s approach accomplishes this by implementing ownership through those that exercise power, oversight and responsibility over these powerful financial and data structures, and enforcing rules via the network as stated in the Bitcoin white paper.


These solutions will be valuable for organizations, individuals, classes or groups of victims, and insurance companies looking to recover payments made to insured parties from third parties responsible for insurance losses.


Token Recovery is part of the Ayre Group family of companies. For more information about the Ayre Group, please visit

Yes, we collect claims from all jurisdictions.

Yes, the threshold is addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Token Recovery will generally be compensated via a percentage of the recovered digital assets and/or recovered fiat currencies.


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Thanks for reaching out. We received your request and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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