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Our mission is to empower digital
asset owners...

Token Recovery are experts in the recovery of lost and stolen digital assets. Unlike blockchain analytics companies that focus on providing pure analytics and investigative services, we offer an end-to-end solution assisting in the attempt to recover your lost and stolen tokens. One that pairs professional blockchain expertise with legal backing.

Ultimately, our goal is to give confidence in tokenisation of financial instruments and real-life assets and enable the enforcement of legal and regulatory compliance within the industry that can be trusted.

Our team

Marcin Zarakowski


Attorney-at-law with a significant knowledge of various legal aspects of Blockchain technology. Certified Swiss startup board member and University of Cambridge Executive MBA candidate.

Executive Committee Member of BSV Association former co-chair of the Privacy Working Group of INATBA and member of the Expert Panel of EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum.

Member of ThinkBLOCKtank and Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association. Speaker and panelist at blockchain-related events, courses and trainings.

Roman Bieda

Head of Investigations

Recognized Fraud Investigator, both in the traditional and Blockchain space, cooperating with corporations, Police Forces, and other agencies from all over the world on forensic investigations including hack, fraud, murder, assault, child protection, terrorism, espionage, e‑discovery, forensic data analysis, bribery, conflict of interest, tax fraud, and AML. MIT Certified Blockchain Expert admitted as an expert in courts in the US and EU.

Former Head of Investigations at Coinfirm and Product Owner of Coinfirm’s Asset Tracking and Fraud Investigation tools.

A guest lecturer at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

Michał Szałas

Legal Counsel

Former public prosecutor turned barrister with over a decade of expertise in commercial and fiscal criminal law. Specialized in cybercrimes and crimes involving crypto-assets, as well as tax audits, fiscal offenses, and criminal liability of board members. Extensive experience in conducting and overseeing investigations related to economic crimes, such as tax offenses, money laundering, mismanagement, and abuse of trust. Background includes working in tax consultancy firms both in Poland and abroad, focusing on income tax and international tax law. Provides practical insights into the challenges clients may face, drawing on firsthand knowledge of how prosecution, judiciary and tax apparatus operate.

Learn about the legality of Token Recovery...

Token Recovery has made buying digital assets safe. We’ve been working hard to develop legal backing that helps owners get their tokens back.

Our unique strategy is based on the existing property laws - which means once you’ve bought the tokens - you have full ownership (rather than possession) of the assets.

So if you’ve experienced loss or theft within any of the the Blockchain systems - the same rules apply as they would in a bank. A loss or theft of those assets is illegal, and we do our best to return them to you.

Token Recovery has worked with key Blockchain leaders to make this shift - it’s one that we’re really proud of as it safeguards our industry for the future.

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